Employee Engagement packs hit the mark

Creative, personalised, Employee Engagement mailing packs have become something of a phenomenon at we are resource. As 2020-2021 became synonymous with working from home, our clients were quick to take advantage of the impact that direct mail can create when received at your home address.

Despite video conferencing and emails, working from home, particularly for those who aren’t used to it can be quite isolating. Take away any in-person meetings, colleagues, working lunches and general office banter, and you can imagine what an effect the pandemic has had on company culture and employee self-worth.

Amongst many other marketing services we are resource provides, design, print and mailing are pretty much our bread and butter.

So, from one brief to the next, from a simple ‘hug in a box’, reminding colleagues of how much they are valued, to creating excitement and anticipation prior to a virtual event and even the launch of a new corporate or brand strategy, we continue to work with a number of clients of all shapes and sizes to send ‘personalised engagement’ mailings.

In 2 years, over 200,000 packs were produced and delivered direct to colleagues homes. We created 141 different pack types including items such as chocolate, vegan fruits bars, herbal tea, coffee, biscuits, branded pens and face masks.

And are they a success?

Well, the feedback and comments from our clients couldn’t be more positive. What’s more, the recipients even took to social media to share their appreciation of their employer and their colleagues.

Challenging times call for different measures, but what has become apparent in these testing months is that considered direct mail is a media that is still very much alive.

There’s something about personalised print.

Watch the video

Watch the video

Bromford Pack
The Manchester College Pack
Golding Homes Pack
Bridgend College Pack
Beard Pack
SCL Pack Inside
SCL Pack
Bridgend College Pack Inside
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