Plant List

resource Plant List


  • 7x Macintosh Computers
  • 5x PCs
  • 1x A3 Scanner (Flat bed)
  • Prinergy EVO Workflow Software
  • Speedflow (PDF correction workflow)
  • PrismaWeb (Digital Printing page programming workflow)
  • Inspire Designer (Variable Data/ Transactional Data Workflow)
  • Smartstream Designer (Variable Data Application)
  • Web Based File transfer facility
  • Web Based (File transfer facility 2gb)
  • Wide range of Software including Quark Xpress, In Design, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office (for alternatives, please contact us)



  • HP Indigo Digital Press (Litho Quality)SRA3+ sheet size
    100pp colour per minute
    Material from 80gsm – 350gsm coated & uncoated
  • Typical applications:
    Short run full colour printing & proofing.
    Multi page documents
    Variable data printing (image changes 1-2-1 marketing)
  • 1600mm wide Format Printer
    Prints large format posters, banners, popups, stands, POS graphics.
  • 1600mm wide Format Laminator and Mounting system
    Laminates large format posters, banners, popups, stands, POS graphics and mounts onto 3-5mm boards.
  • Inkjet Plastic Card Printer
    Prints fully personalised full colour onto CR80 plastic cards.



  • Oce 4120 (Networked)
    A3 + sheet size
    120pp per minute
    Material from 80 – 200gsm coated & uncoated
  • Oce 6200 (Networked)
    SRA3 sheet size
    240pp per minute
    Material from 80 – 200gsm coated & uncoated
  • Inkjet Envelope Printer
    Prints address, graphics & PPI postmark in full colour or black only. Auto feed for C6, C5, C4 (alternative sizes, please consult us)
  • Typical applications:
    Training Manuals
    Software Guides
    Price Lists
    Technical Manuals
    Direct Mail – Merged Letters (Personalisation Text)
    POS, Posters, Banners, Popup stands and systems
    Membership cards / ID Cards



  • Ryobi 925 5 Colour Press
    SRA1 (900 x 640)
    SRA2 (450 x 640)
    B2 (520 x 720)
    Max Running Speed of 15,000 Sheets per hour
    Material from 80 – 400gsm coated & uncoated
  • B1 Magnus CTP System
    (Direct Printing Plates No film Required)
    processless plates, removing the need for use of harmful chemicals.
  • Typical applications:
    Corporate Brochures
    Report & Accounts
    Sales Literature
    Business Stationery & Forms



  • 2x Neopost DS200 Mailing Line with 2D barcode reading facilities
  • 1x KAS Mailwrap polywrapping line with 2D barcode reading facilities
  • 1x ATS12 Tabbing machine
  • Typical applications:
    DL, C5 & C4 enveloped mailings
    C5 to C4 size polywrapped mailings
    Sealing one piece mailers with clear perforated discs



  • 1 x B1 Polar 115 Flowline, fully Computerised & Programmatic Guillotine with automated jogger, scales and stacking capabilities.
  • 1 x B2 Polar 92 Fully Computerised & Programmatic Guillotine (Trimming)
  • 1 x Horizon StitchLiner MKIII (Saddle Stitching)
  • 1 x Foliant Taurus 530 SF (NG) B2 Laminator
  • 1 x Stahl B1 Folder with inline perforating and slitting
  • 1 x Morgana SRA3 folder
  • 1 x Heidelberg Cylinder (Cut, Crease & Perforate)
  • 1 x Morgana SRA3 creaser
  • 1 x Moragna CardXtra business card cutter
  • 1 x Muro Padding Wagon
  • 1 x Vickers stab stitcher
  • 1 x Vacuumatic counting machine
  • 1 x 4 Hole Drills
  • 3 x Horizon Collating Stack (6 units per stack)
  • 1 x Automated Wire Binding Punch and associated clasping facilities
  • Hand Finishing Facilities


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