Virtual Events

‘Live Events’ don’t always mean in person. Through diligent planning and the use of expert technology we can create a truly engaging event experience uncompromised by being virtual. In fact, we can provide real-time analytics and data that prove the levels of engagement and audience satisfaction.


The North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) contacted us to provide a full event management service for the upcoming awards. This was the first Virtual Awards that the NHS has held and they really wanted to focus in on recognising all employees after the past year, in addition to remembering those colleagues who were sadly lost.

When the NHS approached us with this brief, they had no prior knowledge of how to run a virtual event or what was required. Through weekly planning meetings, we designed, developed and produced graphics, an agenda suitable for a virtual environment and printed collateral for all attendees. To increase engagement and create a ‘buzz’ around the event, we designed the packs to include 5x winner packs which had a gold coated inner and a prize ticket.

After sending out attendee engagement packs to all those who registered, the event saw over 300 colleagues come together for the virtual event. In comparison to their previous in-person events, attendance soared by over 100 colleagues. The event brought tears, laughter and most importantly, recognition for those who most deserve it. From the success of this event, we have confirmed another NHS event for September 2022.

NELFT Virtual Event 12
NELFT Virtual Event 11
NELFT Virtual Event 10
NELFT Virtual Event 09
NELFT Virtual Event 05
NELFT Virtual Event 06
NELFT Virtual Event 07
NELFT Virtual Event 08


The #CommsHero brand brings together communications professionals through regular in-person industry events held around the UK.

When Covid-19 forced cancellation of the June 2020 event, the team were determined to deliver a virtual event that would replicate the in-person experience as closely as possible.

We designed and delivered a week-long event programme, securing over 50 speakers to deliver 35 live sessions, three pre-recorded sessions and three discussion panels on topics ranging from personal branding to Black Lives Matter. Between each session, attendees could network by moving between virtual branded tables, chatting to other delegates as they would in person.

Our Creative team, including Senior Graphic Designers and Web Developers, designed the branding used on the event website, social media and session videos; as well as designing and producing a range of printed tickets and personalised merchandise sent out to all attendees and ordered from our online ‘merch store’.

The event was highly interactive and engaging; throughout the week, delegates posted over 2,000 messages and asked nearly 300 questions in the live chat, and we achieved over 2.3 million impressions on social media with a potential reach of over 470,000 people thanks to attendees talking about the event and the collateral we designed and printed.

As well as plans to stage the event again in 2021, we have now launched a monthly ‘#CommsHero Catch up’; a two-hour virtual networking and social event using the same technology.

Commshero Week Virtual Event Image 17
Commshero Week Virtual Event Image 16
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