Driving innovation whilst acknowledging our responsibility

We’re Resource and we have been creating wonderful things for our clients for around 30 years.  Our core roots are in print but over the years we have evolved into the integrated communications company we are today.

We’re passionate about people, service, creativity, innovation, sustainable products and impact.  We have strong social values and believe that it is our people who drive and shape our model and secure our partnerships with our clients.

We’re very social, and you will always find us shouting about our latest campaign, a new product or just giving kudos to our wonderful team. 

Our printed products are coffee table standard – especially if they have personalised glossy finishes.



Our values connect us to our purpose

“We’ve naturally evolved, through challenging ourselves over the past 25 years, to arrive at today. Our unique offering is based around the needs of our customers and a responsibility to our colleagues and our community.”

Phil Thompson

Managing Director



We are open, transparent and clear in everything we say and do.

We love what we do, and we share our enthusiasm with others.

We work together to achieve great things and overcome barriers by uniting as one.

We strive for the best, at all times.

We are mindful of the impact of our actions & acknowledge the role we have to play.

Our Vision

To be respected,
trusted and valued not just for what we
do, but the
way we do it.

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