Sustainability Policy

Our Statement

Our CSR Charter aims to encourage a positive impact from our activities, driving positive change through creating sustainable projects, minimising our effect on the environment and promoting the ‘triple bottom line’ of protecting people, the planet and our business.

In order to fulfil the aim of our CSR Charter and our sustainable policy, resource will maintain an effective management system, compliant with the requirements of ISO14001.  We will provide a framework for setting and reviewing objectives, continually improving the effectiveness of our management systems, providing enhanced sustainability performance of our operations, products and services.

Our CSR Charter and management system is based on resource’s values, guiding principles, sustainability objectives and the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

These encompass our commitment to Sustainability, built on a foundation of the following:

  • Supporting and protecting team members and their wellbeing
  • Promoting responsible procurement
  • Collaborate for positive change
  • Promoting values and ethics
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Protecting the biosphere, environment, climate, and the prevention of pollution
  • Protecting resource systems
  • Striving to be leaders in sustainable creative and experiential

We understand the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility for the future of everyone and to the wellbeing of our team members.  We provide our clients with innovate sustainable solutions, promoting sustainability across creative industries and encouraging all our team members to get involved.

We are committed to ensuring that we comply with all applicable legal and other requirements relating to sustainability and environmental management, by achieving the highest standard of corporate governance in all our business activities.

Sustainability Policy