December 06, 2023

Supporting Tai Calon’s 2023 Christmas Appeal

‘Tis the season of giving, and this year, Tai Calon is embarking on another heart warming journey with the support of their community. Here at resource, we have donated shopping vouchers to Tai Calon’s 2023 Christmas appeal, laying the foundation for a season of compassion and generosity. 

Tai Calon, known for their tireless efforts in supporting tenants, has already made a significant impact throughout the year. Over £100,000 in hardship payments have been distributed to local people, providing essential financial support during challenging times. Now, with the backing of resource, Tai Calon is poised to make an even greater difference during the festive season. 

Here’s how Resource’s donation will contribute to Tai Calon’s 2023 Christmas appeal: 

1. Supporting More Local Families 

Tai Calon wants to extend a helping hand to even more local families in need. By identifying those facing financial hardships, they aim to provide the support required to make this festive season a little brighter. 

2. Providing Toys and Gifts for Children 

No child should go without a present during the holidays. With the help of sponsors, Tai Calon intends to increase their efforts in providing toys and gifts to the children of families facing hardship, ensuring that every child experiences the joy of Christmas. 

3. Increasing Food Parcel Distribution 

Recognizing the importance of a warm meal during the holidays, Tai Calon plans to distribute more food parcels to those struggling with food insecurity. Their goal is to make sure that no one in the community goes hungry this Christmas. 

4. Supporting Tenants Who Have Experienced Homelessness 

For tenants who have recently found a place to call home, Tai Calon wants to ensure that this festive season becomes a turning point in their lives. By offering support and resources, they aim to help these individuals rebuild their lives and create a foundation for a brighter future. 

5. Continuing Support for Local Food Banks and Warm Hubs 

Tai Calon understands the vital role that food banks and warm hubs play in the community. This Christmas, they will continue their support, ensuring that these essential services can distribute much-needed food parcels and provide a warm, safe space for those in need. 

As we approach the holiday season, we’re proud to support Tai Calon in their mission to bring warmth, joy, and hope to our community. 

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