The sensory reaction that only will experience.

There is nothing more unique than you! What you experience and how your five senses react to it is not only incredibly complex, but utterly amazing.


When we experience a visual illusion, we may see something that is not there or fail to see something that is there. Because of this disconnect between perception and reality, visual illusions demonstrate the ways in which the brain can fail to re-create the physical world.

They are a fun way to test your powers of perception and how you see an image is said to say a lot about your personality. Research suggests that the faster you can switch between two images the faster your brain works, with those who can do this at speed said to be more creative.

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What do you see first, and what could this say about you?

Illusion 1

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A. Man’s Face
At first glance, if you happen to see the man’s face, then you are attentive enough to spot the things around you. You are good at following orders and completing your tasks. You will excel in fields that require you to follow a set of routines or instructions.

B. Rat
If a rat is the first thing that happens to catch your attention while looking at the image, then you have excellent observation skills and are highly attentive. You have a keen eye for detail and are creative and research-oriented in nature. You will excel in fields that require a high attention to detail, and creativity.

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