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Unifying Diversity: Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity for DR&P’s Sub-brands

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David Roberts & Partners (DR&P), a nationwide corporate insurance broker, faced the challenge of maintaining brand consistency across their diverse portfolio of sub-brands following significant market growth. Their goal was to unite these sub-brands under a cohesive brand identity while preserving their individual personalities.

How Did Resource Help?

To address this challenge, our team conducted a series of brand workshops with key stakeholders representing each sub-brand. These workshops provided valuable insights into the interconnected values and principles of the brands, as well as identified opportunities for collaboration and trust-building.

Through extensive brand workshops, we gained a deep understanding of the values and principles that underpinned each sub-brand. This knowledge served as the foundation for our strategy to unite them under a consistent tone of voice.

We conducted qualitative research with both existing and prospective customers to glean insights into their perceptions and preferences. The findings of this research were instrumental in informing the development of new brand guidelines.

Based on the insights gathered, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that provided clarity and direction for the overarching ‘umbrella’ brand. These guidelines emphasized an authoritative and knowledgeable tone of voice, while still allowing room for the individual personalities of the sub-brands to shine.​

What Did Success Look Like?

The rollout of the new brand structure was met with enthusiasm and praise from stakeholders, colleagues, and industry peers alike. By streamlining the sub-brands and providing a clear and compelling brand structure, DR&P achieved greater coherence and recognition in the market.

In conclusion, our collaboration with DR&P resulted in the creation of a unified brand family that they could be proud of. By leveraging insights from brand workshops and customer research, we developed a strategy that not only strengthened brand consistency but also celebrated the unique identities of each sub-brand.

”Thanks to Resource, DRP now has a strong united brand that our sub-brands can identify with and get us all working together.”

Simon Bland, Group Managing Director

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