Magenta Livings Branding

Elevating Excellence: Transforming Magenta Living’s Building Services Brand Identity

Services Provided

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  • Data management
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  • Promotional items


Magenta Living recognised the need to align the branding of their Building Services Team with the excellent service and quality they deliver to homes across the region. Also, they wanted to leverage their fleet of vehicles to raise the profile of Magenta Living. The objective was to create a professional, consistent, and representative brand identity that accurately reflected the exceptional service provided by the technicians.

How Did Resource Help?

Our team embarked on a comprehensive approach to address Magenta Living’s branding challenges. We brought together different teams across the organization, including the Building Services Team, alongside customer focus groups, to understand the core values and essence of the brand.

We utilised insights gathered from stakeholders and customers, and we developed a new brand identity for the Building Services Team, named “Property Care.” This involved creating a new design style, tone of voice, and visual identity that captured the professionalism and quality of service synonymous with Magenta Living. The new brand identity was rolled out across the organisation at their annual colleague conference, ensuring alignment and consistency in brand messaging and visual representation.

What Did Success Look Like?

The collaboration between Magenta Living and our team resulted in the successful transformation of the Building Services Team’s brand identity. By creating a professional and consistent brand, Magenta Living was able to better showcase the exceptional service provided by their technicians and elevate their brand profile within the community.

“Everything they did was insight based. Their expertise in facilitating the groups really shone through, and the end result has been very well received.”

Haydn Hansford, Property Care Director

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