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Gratitude in Action: Engaging Colleagues with Creative Packs Reflecting Johnnie Johnson Housing’s Values

Services Provided

  • Event management
  • Creative design
  • Data management
  • Print
  • Fulfilment and mailing
  • Promotional items


Johnnie Johnson Housing wanted to thank their colleagues for their hard work and dedication that they were demonstrating through the 2019 pandemic. They also wanted to remind and outline the brand values and share the corporate strategy objectives across the workforce. They needed a creative solution that would engage their colleagues.

How Did Resource Help?

We began designing an engaging and interactive corporate strategy to represent the Johnnie Johnson Housing brand and values.

We designed, printed and posted a colleague engagement pack directly to their homes. The pack included as an infinity fold card placed in an outer sleeve, a take a break card with a “chocolate kit kat” bar attached all enclosed into an outer personalised mailing box with the key messaging of “thank you for making business as usual happen in the most unusual way” and reinforcing the internal brand values.

What Did Success Look Like?

We achieved the successful creation of a comprehensive pack. Each element, from the outer box to the fold out card and promotional items, reflected Johnnie Johnson Housing’s brand values. The pack was efficiently distributed to over 230 colleague addresses. The success of the initiative was evident in the positive reception from colleagues, who appreciated the thoughtful and engaging packs.

“Everyone loves a gift in the post and what better way to share our new corporate plan and keep our colleagues connected and communicated to. Well done team you nailed it!”

Emma Midgley, Johnnie Johnson Housing

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