North Star Housing Group Customer Magazine

A Sustainable Magazine Refresh for North Star Housing Group


  • Dedicated project management
  • Strategy
  • Creative design
  • Data management
  • Fulfilment and mailing


North Star Housing Group sought to optimise their communication methods and enhance tenant engagement through the redesign of their regular customer-facing newsletter. The objective was to gather insights from tenants to understand their preferences and perceptions, and then revamp the newsletter to better meet their needs.


To achieve this objective, we conducted a series of tenant consultation groups to gather key insights into the effectiveness of North Star’s current communication efforts. With the insights gathered, we embarked on the redesign of the newsletter, focusing on incorporating requested features and enhancing the overall design. Additionally, we revamped the carrier sheet to ensure a strong and impactful first impression upon delivery.


The project resulted in significant improvements in communication effectiveness and tenant engagement for North Star Housing Group:

The redesigned newsletter captured tenants’ attention and encouraged greater interaction with the content, leading to increased engagement and readership. The visually appealing and informative carrier sheet contributed to a positive perception of North Star’s communication efforts, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to effective tenant communication.

North Star received positive feedback from tenants regarding the redesigned newsletter and carrier sheet, indicating improved satisfaction and a more positive tenant experience overall.

The collaboration between our agency and North Star Housing Group successfully achieved the objective of enhancing communication methods and tenant engagement through a strategic redesign initiative.

”The new design not only looks fantastic, but is packed with all the features that our tenants love. Another great job from our team at Resource.”

Peter Locke, Head of Communities

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