East Midlands Housing Brand Value Packs

Empowering Sustainability: Crafting a Comprehensive Pack to Promote EMH’s Brand Values

Services Provided

  • Creative design
  • Data management
  • Print
  • Fulfilment and mailing
  • Promotional items


We were tasked with aiding East Midland Housing (emh) in producing a pack to effectively promote their new brand values to over 1,200 colleagues and board members. Collaborating closely with EMH’s communications team and their appointed designer, we provided expertise in print and pack production while ensuring sustainability in materials and processes. 

How Did Resource Help?

We guided emh and their designer through the print and pack production process. Leveraging extensive industry experience, we provided advice on available options, particularly focusing on sustainable materials. Working closely with the designer, we ensured that the final pack aligned with EMH’s commitment to sustainability while effectively communicating the brand values. 

The final pack was an outer box printed full colour with additional items enclosed and posted to over 1,200 individual colleague addresses. The additional items included A5 branded notebooks made up of different colour paper stocks, collated in a pre-defined order. A printed introduction section made up part of the book to deliver the brand value messages. We printed a 16pp ‘brand in your hand’ booklet and a personalised A5 postcard. The pack included an eco-pen as a promotional item. The data management and mailing was done using our ISO27001 data security processes. 

What Did Success Look Like?

We achieved the successful creation of a comprehensive pack. Each element, from the outer box to the branded notebooks and promotional items, reflected emh’s brand values and commitment to sustainability. The pack was efficiently distributed to over 1,200 colleague addresses, reinforcing internal communication and fostering a cohesive organisational culture. The success of the initiative was evident in the positive reception from colleagues, who appreciated the thoughtful and engaging communication of emh’s brand values. 

“I’m delighted with our brand pack and have received some great feedback. It’s been a real pleasure to work with you and your team on this project. Our sincere thanks to you all for the quality of the work, the attention to detail and on-going support throughout.” 

Pritti Allen, Head of Communications 

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