Helping Aster own Shared Ownership

Creating all-important initial awareness of a new way to own a home

Services Provided

  • Dedicated project management
  • Strategy
  • Creative design
  • Branding
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Events


Aster, a provider of housing solutions in response to the housing crisis in the south of England, sought to raise awareness of their Shared Ownership scheme across multiple developments in Surrey. With a relatively unknown brand and concept, they aimed to educate their audience about the benefits of Shared Ownership.

How Did Resource Help?

Our strategy was centered on bringing to life the joy and excitement of getting onto the property ladder through the Shared Ownership scheme. We aimed to position Aster as a premium lifestyle brand, offering attainable housing solutions in a sought-after region like Surrey.

To convey the feeling of joy associated with homeownership, we developed a captivating campaign under the theme ‘GLADDER’. This play on words emphasised the happiness and satisfaction one experiences when achieving homeownership through Shared Ownership. Our creative work aimed to evoke emotions and position Aster as a desirable yet attainable option for aspiring homeowners.

We utilised various marketing channels to disseminate our ‘GLADDER’ campaign, including digital platforms, print media, and targeted advertising. Our messaging focused on highlighting the benefits and accessibility of Shared Ownership, tailored to resonate with the specific audience in Surrey.

What Did Success Look Like?

Our collaboration with Aster resulted in the successful introduction of their Shared Ownership scheme in Surrey. Through a creative and targeted campaign, we effectively communicated the benefits of Shared Ownership while positioning Aster as a desirable housing provider in the region.

“The response from the Gladder campaign far exceeded our wildest hopes.”

Amy Nettleton, Assistant Development Director – Sales & Marketing

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