Multi-channel Campaign

Revitalising Ongo Talk: A Multi-Channel Campaign Success Story

Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Creative design
  • Print
  • Large format
  • Promotional items


Ongo needed to create a new and refreshed concept and brand style for their ‘Ongo Talk’ counselling service. They needed a multi-channel campaign to showcase their newly launched services including branded packs, advertising and social assets. The campaign needed to create engagement whether used on a printed flyer or a digital billboard.

How Did Resource Help?

Ongo had a very tight deadline so as soon as we got the brief, we started creating a set of creative concepts. We created concepts that used thought provoking messaging to really engage the reader and draw them into the campaign.

Once the creative path was agreed we worked with their team to produce all of the creative assets they needed including digital and printed and launched the campaign less than a week later across several districts.

What Did Success Look Like?

The campaign launched on time and digital billboards are now live across Scunthorpe. Ongo instructed us to move on to a second stage of the campaign to include further social media and collateral.

“Thanks very much for all your and the teams work on this, I think we now have a very strong concept for the brand which is brilliant. I know the mental health team is very happy” 

Emily Chapman, Marketing Officer 

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