We’ve created a Spotify playlist of Team Resource’s favourite Hip Hop/Rap and Dance tracks to celebrate the introduction of Break Dancing to the Paris Olympic Games.

Now it’s your turn to add your favourite tracks to the mix. Just send us your tune suggestions to #ResourceVersus and we’ll add them to the playlist. If you’re brave enough, you can share photos and videos of your best moves with us, whether it’s the Backspin, Windmill, Flare, Caterpillar or the Head Spin!

Please Note: Don’t try any actual break dancing moves unless you’re a trained professional. Also note, we’ve tried to make sure these tracks are safe-for-work to listen to but we can’t guarantee we haven’t missed anything or misinterpreted the meaning behind a song.

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One, two, three, four…we declare a thumb war!
Time to scrunch up your scrap paper and shoot some hoops!
Long jump…finger flick style!
Time to see how good you are at target practice!

Ready, set…CLICK!

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