A brand family to be proud of

Undertake brand workshops with key stakeholders


DR&P are an established nationwide corporate insurance broker offering a broad range of insurance products and expert consultancy. Built upon strong values and a clear vision, they had experienced significant market growth – but as a result, were facing the challenge of brand consistency across their newly acquired brands. This is where we stepped in.


Uniting the sub-brands through a consistent tone of voice.

Firstly, we ran a series of brand workshops with key stakeholders from all their sub-brands. This allowed us to understand how their values and principles interconnected and what the opportunities might be. Using what we harvested from these sessions, we created a strategy to encourage collaboration and trust. Then, alongside key stakeholders we carried out qualitative research with customers old and new.


The findings of this research was priceless, and allowed us to create a new set of brand guidelines that gave their ‘umbrella’ brand true clarity and direction, together with an authoritative and knowledgeable tone of voice. This was all achieved whilst streamlining the sub-brands and allowing them to still evoke their individual personalities. The new clear and compelling brand structure was loved by stakeholders and colleagues alike as well as by the industry upon rollout.

Qualitative research with customers

“Thanks to Resource, DRP now has a strong united brand that our sub-brands can identify with and get us all working together.”

Simon Bland

Group Managing Director

New branding that built on an old favourite

A strong brand hierarchy

An established brand has been kept intact while still giving it a modern and dynamic positioning as a forward-thinking insurance broker.

United sub-brands

The independent brokerage brands now have confidence and security in their parent brand, whilst maintaining their personality.

A streamlined approach

The sub-brands have now been streamlined to improve performance and efficiency.

Everyone onboard

Thanks to the new brand structure being presented in a compelling fashion, all concerned welcomed it with open arms.

Brand Consistency

A defined set of brand guidelines were created to help a consistent look and feel to the groups branding.

Tone of Voice

Crafting a tone of voice document to allow all group members to speak to their audiences in a similar yet independent way

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