Making a brand more aligned and accessible

To review and refine the existing brand and collateral

The Royal College of Speech and language therapists support speech and language therapists by providing leadership, setting professional standards, facilitating research and promoting better education and training.


Having had no set of brand guidelines, creative lacked a clear direction and consistency. We were tasked with creating a new set of brand guidelines. We started at the beginning. Reviewing the existing brand and identifying areas for improvement.

Functional yet creative guidelines

After reviewing and refining the current brand identity, colour palette, and fonts to create a more consistent brand feel we started work on creating the guidelines.


Accessibility was key. All colours and fonts were tested against the AA standard, to ensure our contrast ratio met the highest standard.

User friendly guide to help create worthy brand assets and comms

“We were delighted by the creation of the brand guidelines, they look fantastic, thank you.”

Amelia Dale

Content and Engagement Manager

A brand to be proud of


AA standard for accessibility

Brand Guidelines

A professional and carefully considered brand guidelines

Partner usage

Clear usage guidelines for partners

Colour Palette

A colour pallet designed to stand out and cut through

Brand Identity

A refined and crafted brand identity

Collateral roll out

Mock ups of branded collateral

Here’s some more of our work